Black Market & Drug Abuse

Our crowdsourcing and data analytics shed light on black markets and illicit activities. We have access to online black market data using Tor and Bitcoin. Using a harm reduction approach to drug use, we have been able to identify outbreaks of new drugs and novel patterns among established ones.

Related Press & Publications

February 14, 2017

Using Social Listening Data to Monitor Misuse and Nonmedical Use of Bupropion: A Content Analysis

Laurie S. Anderson, Heidi G. Bell, Michael Gilbert, Julie E. Davidson, Christina Winter, Monica J. Barratt, Beta Win, Jeffrey L. Painter, Christopher Menone, Jonathan Sayegh, Nabarun Dasgupta
Source: JMIR Public Health and Surveillance
October 05, 2016

Sustained reduction of diversion and abuse after introduction of an abuse deterrent formulation of extended release oxycodone

Steven Geoffrey Severtson, Matthew S. Ellis, Steven P. Kurtz, Andrew Rosenblum, Theodore J. Cicero, Mark W. Parrino, Michael K. Gilbert, Mance E. Buttram, Nabarun Dasgupta, Becki Bucher Bartelson, Jody L. Green, Richard C. Dart
Source: Drug and Alcohol Dependence